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Now, if you are a DIY-er, then we know your garage is one of your favorite places to be! So don’t neglect the opportunity to make a few great DIY projects especially for this place in your home. Because not only will they help your garage to look better, but they will let you easily organize your tools and stuff, and save you a lot of money and hassle all at the same time. Many people had storage issues in their bathroom, whether they have a small or large bathroom. Especially for those who have a small bathroom, they often complain there are not enough space to store all those bathroom must-haves like blow dryers, brushes, towels, and lotions. DIY Network shares images of our favorite, best-organized pantries to show you how to make the most of your kitchen storage space. Maximize your kitchen storage capacity with tips for finding unused space. Kitchen is the heart of your home where you spend a lot of time. An organized and tidy kitchen will ease your cooking tasks, however, the placement of utensils, kitchen tools and supplies of food can be tricky, especially for a small space. Learn more about storage ideas and storage organization with these creative and helpful suggestions from DIY Network. The kitchen design experts at share tips for creating a storage-packed kitchen with 20 clever solutions for organizing your kitchen cabinets, drawers and pantry. When it comes for order in the kitchen usually all of us are trying to keep it in the highest level. But when you have a good organisation for all stuff in the kitchen you will have a clean and shiny kitchen in the same time. There are so many creative and uncommon ways to store things in the kitchen. With our fresh kitchen storage ideas you can create an eclectic and functional kitchen space with a variety of different decor elements. These great utensil storage solutions are easy to make and look realy cute. Hanging pockets for cutlery DIY kitchen storage ideas. Are you looking for ways to keep your shoes organized? Read on and get inspiration from our list of awesome DIY shoe storage ideas. As women, it's in our nature to love shoes.


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