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Medium wood cabinets are perfect for those who enjoy the beauty of wood and want a natural feeling kitchen. Golden-brown cabinets can give your kitchen a warm, sun-toned ambiance. Like the color orange, golden-brown hues make us feel more sociable, and also stimulate our appetite. Paint colors for kitchens with dark cabinets in 2018 kitchen incredible wall wood liveable 0 types sophisticated light hardwood floors kitchen paint colors with dark cabinets traditional design color ideas wood kitchen dark cherry cabinets wall color kitchens light medium schemes with brown decoration rustic bordeaux red kitchen vertical colors bring out best3. Adding a gray with a bit of brown and purple in it is a nice way to complement the orange tones of your wood without going quite as far as blue/green would. Benjamin Moore Mountain Air CC 636. Mountain Air is a beautiful way to subtly accent the warm tones of your orange toned cabinets or flooring. Terracotta-colored wall paint also enhances the red maple cabinets this color looks good with handle-less cabinets and complements white or tan appliances and kitchen counters. Medium Maple Medium colored maple, such as wood in a chestnut color, is visually appealing when paired with hues that are cool or nearly pastel. If you have Oak or Honey toned wood cabinets and want to refresh your kitchen, consider painting the walls in today's neutrals, such as soft blue-grays, greens and neutral beiges. There are hundreds of choices but these are my Top 5 Pics! Top 5 Colors For Oak Cabinet Kitchens In the 90's the look was to paint walls in various shades of yellow. Just purchased a house with golden oak trim and cabinets in the large kitchen. The flooring is 10″ square white ceramic tile with 3″ cobalt blue tiles at the adjoining corners. Opt for light-colored wall paint if your cabinets are unusually dark such as mahogany or ebony. Dark wood cabinetry requires contrasting light wall colors to open and brighten the space. Choose beige, ivory, tan, aquamarine, icy blue, pale yellow or seafoam green paint to lighten the kitchen. Great Wall Color For Light/Medium Kitchen Cabinets. A very warm and neutral terracotta color. Our kitchen cabinets are maple which is a close color neighbor to oak. Look how nice this color works with our wood cabinets The terracotta color enhances the wood tones. I have always loved the combination. Now we are starting a kitchen redesign. Shades of Gray Perimeter cabinets made from alder wood get a thin coat of gray stain to warm up this transitional kitchen. The light wood cabinetry and open shelves contrast a riftsawn oak island stained a similar gray for subtle texture.


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