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Kitchen Color Inspiration Gallery. Kitchens are top priority when it comes to painting. Whether your style is traditional, country, rustic or contemporary, our favorite kitchen wall colors will help you create a palette that fits your design goals. When adding color to a kitchen, we typically use blue and love Benjamin Moore Lucerne. The color has a little punch, adds a bit of personality to the space, and pairs well with black and brass accents. 26 Kitchen Paint Colors Ideas You Can Easily Copy Best Kitchen Paint Colors. Green and Pink Kitchen. Blue Kitchen Colors. Yellow Modern Kitchen With Pale Wood Feature Wall. Retro Kitchen With Pops of Bright Paint Colors. Red, White, and Blue Kitchen. Gray and White Kitchen. Blue, Green, and. You know, sometime your walls don't have to be white. Choose Kitchen Colors For Walls with bright, dark, classic, blues and reds, gray or green and anymore. When planning your kitchen wall colors, always choose three groups of colors a base, an accent, and a highlight. Caramel is a deep orange-brown that works wonderfully as a base color. 33. For just a splash of color, paint your kitchen island and lower cabinets a bold color, like jade green. This will be less labor intensive and you can change things up down the line when you're. And with Pantone’s Living Coral taking the décor world by storm, it’s no surprise orange-tinted palettes are creeping onto kitchen walls as well. “Terracotta is the best version of orange in my opinion, it’s more muted, ” says Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing at Sherwin-Williams (whose Color of the Year is a gorgeous Cavern Clay. Good kitchen design rules often dictate that very dark colors, cold neutrals, and all other cold colors like blues, greens, purples, violets, and other colors in similar families do not promote hunger. Thus, they generally do not work as well in kitchens. That said, kitchen colors should ultimately follow personal tastes. Green Kitchen Paint Yellow Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen Cabinet Colors Yellow Kitchens Green Kitchen Designs Sage Green Kitchen Cream Kitchen Cabinets Colors For Kitchen Walls Cream Cupboards If you want a kitchen that's colorful, refreshing, and jazzed up, green is a great color to consider. Blue is another color that works well in kitchens. When lighter shades of blue are used, they can create a crisp, clean look and are recommended for walls, cabinets, or even the ceiling. Blue is an invigorating color and works best when used sparingly otherwise it can overpower a room.


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