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Design Services. From small updates to a transformation, our FREE Design Services help you get the look of your dreams. Schedule Appointment. HOW TO INTRODUCE UPDATED MID-CENTURY MODERN STYLE INTO YOUR HOME. As much as we dig the Mid-Century Modern vibe, we get not wanting to turn your space into a Campbell’s soup can-packed artifact (shout-out to our Mid-Century Modern art favorite, Andy Warhol. Mid century design and home style has become increasingly popular during the last fifteen years and shows no sign of losing its audience. Our library of resources is intended to provide inspiration to current owners of vintage ranch and retro modern homes from 1940 to 1960. Mid-century modern home remodeling, history, architecture, art, furniture, shopping and decorating. Call or Text 916-502-7422 Welcome to SacModern.com - Streng Homes Sacramento - Eichler Sacramento - Search Sacramento Modern Homes - Mid Century Modern Homes in Sacramento - Eichler Style Home in Sacramento - Streng Homes Sacramento - Modern Homes Sacramento Contact Ted today for questions regarding contemporary, modern and Eichler style properties in the greater Sacramento metro area. Some designers think the mid-century modern trend has run its course. It's true, the style is definitely having an extended momentsay, 60-something years, but who doesn't love simple yet elegant home decor? We say long live mid-century design. Not so sure you want to fully immerse your home in. Built-in furniture was often used to divide rooms in mid-cen­tury homes, DiCaprio says. He brought that element into this house with a massive custom unit that functions as an armoire for coats on the entry side, a wine bar on the kitchen side, and a media cabinet in the living room (pictured. Design enthusiasts praise the mid-century modern style – but what is it, exactly? Coined by author Cara Greenberg in her 1984 collection, mid-century modern refers to pieces from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s which pushed the limits of engineering. Desperate for creativity after World War II. These pieces are coming out of one of the finest Mid Century Modern furniture collections in Indianapolis, and have been living in one of Indy's sexiest Mid Century Modern homes.Oh, and the house is for sale too, so bring plenty of cash. Hotel Valley Ho. WHERE Scottsdale, Arizona Located in downtown Scottsdale, Hotel Valley Ho was built in 1956 in a style that combined mid-century modern and southwestern design. It quickly became.


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